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Speaker's Profiles

Amanda Gifford

Family Constellations
Our family systems are powerful forces in our lives. Hidden dynamics working across generations can leave us an inheritance of habits that stop us from moving forward. Family Constellations is an interactive therapy that seeks to release these entanglements and create new possibilities for positive change.

Speaker's biography
Amanda is a Drama Therapist and Family Constellations facilitator and trainer. Co-founder of Geniuslab and founder of 'Mothership' - The Institute for Dimensional Mind Training (Jozi). She specialises in Family Constellations workshops & individual arts therapy. Amanda works with individuals who need change and deep soul awakening. She is helping to raise the frequency of the planet, awakening and healing humanity and the earth, plus integrating new information about how to create our own reality.

Contact details: Tel no: 078 499 6472 | E-mail: | Web:

Annemarie Elstner

Children's story telling
'The Princess & the Pinkie Nail'.

Speaker's biography
Annemarie Elstner is a creative soul who has been playing the piano, composing and singing since the age of five. Since the birth of her daughter in 2004, Annemarie has kept her child amused with crazy bedtime stories. Up until 2012, all the stories were inside her head and not on paper and accessible to other moms, dads and children. Her daughter sweetly told Annemarie, "Mommy, you are really good. You should be a writer!" In November 2012 Annemarie's first children's book 'The Princess and the Pinkie Nail" was completed and published. This first book was merely the start in a series called The Grottenvilles. Annemarie Elstner's books are available from She is also a jazz performer & teacher..

Contact details: Tel no: 084 6074291 | E-mail: | Web:

Arthur Long

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Arthur is keen to explain and demonstrate how hypnosis can help you in so many ways, from alleviating stress and depression to aiding recovery from strokes, improve studying ability & memory, sports performance enhancement, pain management, and thousands of applications of benefit to all.

Speaker's biography
Arthur has 49 years' experience in Hypnotherapy and Traditional Healing. He is the Director of the International Academy of Hypnosis,and is a member of the international Medical & Dental Hypnotherapists Association, the Australian Hypnotherapists Association as well as the SA Traditional Doctors Union.

Contact details: Tel no: 0833840907 | E-mail: | Web:

Avanthi Singh

Messages from Beyond
Join her for a fascinating journey into 'Mediumship' and follow her as she channels messages from Beyond.

Speaker's biography
Avanthi has been aware of her psychic ability since childhood. She has a BA in Psychology and English, which has contributed greatly to her ability to work with people as well as her passion for writing. She is a medium, clairvoyant, intuitive healer and a qualified colour therapist. She uses sound, colour and other guiding tools in her sessions. She uses her gifts to assist individuals on their spiritual journey through private sittings and healings to bring about transformations in their lives.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 300 6068 | E-mail: | Web:

Belinda Loudon

The Form
Belinda is passionate about the flowering and opening of the feminine. Her 20-year relationship with husband Shaun has been a gift of continual awakening. Together they have found The Form to be a valuable tool that has taken their relationship to ever deepening levels of consciousness.

Speaker's biography
The Form Reality Practice, taught by revolutionary spiritual teacher, Bernie Prior is a subtle movement practice that brings together the masculine principle of consciousness and the feminine principle of form and creativity into a revolutionary awakening to the potential of this moment. During this introduction, you will be introduced to the principles of The Form.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 445 0376 | E-mail: | Web:

Bokka du Toit

Seasons of evolution - Between love & fear
Join Bokka as he explores African insights to our present 'Consciousness R-evolution'. We are on the edge of a major leap in being human…

Speaker's biography
Bokka has produced hundred of hours of TV and cinema material in all genres. His internationally acclaimed series "The ways of our Fathers" was the first definitive series on the inner values of indigenous African spirituality. Working with other international authors, such as Graham Hancock and Terrence McKenna inspired him to write his first book In the fields of Consciousness. Bokka has designed and built numerous public African 'Temples', celebrating indigenous spirituality.

Contact details: Tel no: 073 450 5151 | E-mail: | Web:

Carol Treherne-Thomas

Nia Technique
Nia is a technique that starts with fitness and ends with comprehensive healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Step into your own joyful journey and positively change the way you feel, look, think and live.

Speaker's biography
Carol stumbled upon Nia about 4 years ago and immediately knew that it was going to change her life. She went to an Expo and there it was, a group of ladies dancing on a stage beaming such joy. She just had to get up there and join in. She now has the pleasure of being able to share this fabulous fitness fusion programme with people of all genders, ages, fitness levels and needs. For Carol Nia is her meditation, her medicine and her daily fix.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 461 2803 | E-mail: | Web: /

Carole Candiotes: Love is a state of THE SOUL

'Solutions to modern life challenges from the wisdom & psychology of the Ancients.'

The psychology of self realisation through interpersonal experiences as taught by the Ancient Essenes.
'Bending spoons and situations with the power of your awesome mind.'
The science of using the power of your mind to change molecular performance and situations.

Speaker's biography
Carole is an experienced and gifted Psychic Medium, Soul Therapist and Life Coach. She has been practicing locally & internationally for 30 years. Carole facilitates instruction on the development of personal energy awareness (light body development) and self-realisation. She is the author of a book on the subject called 'The Freedom Choice' and leads spiritual retreats on the complexities of sound, colour, intention and ancient teachings entitled 'Zero Point Peace'. She has also produced a double CD of narrated guided meditations on 'The Freedom Choice'. Carole has written, and teaches, a unique energy-transference healing methodology based on channeled, inspiration, and application of quantum metaphysics. She will be launching a large scale 'Compassion Consciousness' programme for children from age 8 yrs to 17 yrs - to initiate a change for global peace.

Contact details: Tel no: 076 961 8968 | E-mail: | FB: Par Excellence Angelos

Chantal Pereira

Heal & transform your life

Chantal's Inner Child: 'Heal and transform your life' talk covers the various tools to enable you to heal the abuse, anger & grief you hold deep within. This talk will empower you with techniques on how to heal your life and set you free.

Speaker's biography
"Throughout my life I have endured much pain, hurt and hardship as many of us have. I eventually made the conscious decision to heal & transform my life. I underwent Spiritual Life Coaching to heal each and every experience since before birth and made it my mission to get to the bottom of each and every lesson I was sent to learn in this lifetime. It has been an amazing journey and this well of knowledge is now bursting at its seams. In giving this talk, I wish to empower you with tools for you to start your own transformation.

Contact details: Tel no: 076 021 5068 | E-mail:

Debbie Howes

The Unconscious Nature of Problems
The logic of the unconscious mind is that of a child. Intellectual, conscious information does not always 'sink' in to the unconscious mind. We repeat past patterns due to the underlying belief systems that we adopt as a child from our early predominant role models. Debbie discusses the logic of the unconscious mind via a projective story telling and drawing technique. Answers as to why there is stagnation in relationships as well as other sabotaging behaviours are discussed.

Speaker's biography
Debbie is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Jhb. She qualified from Potchefstroom University in 1986, doing her thesis on Movement Therapy. She subsequently completed the courses in medical hypnoanalysis, as well as Eriksonian and Ego State hypnotherapy, EMDR AND EMI. She incorporates the principles of hypnotherapy with a therapeutic technique, which includes a projective story telling and drawing technique. Two books are written and available which describe the therapeutic aspects of the LRRH Reconditioning Technique. Debbie has an interest in complementary healing modalities, and does a body treatment with sound and moving energy.

E-volition - Energy in Motion
Join Debbie in a unique movement meditation. The energy dynamic of the group is aligned as each individual 's chakras, meridians and subtle bodies are guided into balance and harmonized using sound, movement, breathing patterns and intention. An ancient form of healing is rediscovered as many souls join to create, heal and flow with a timeless art of healing. Breathing patterns dissolve blockages as the lymph system releases the old patterns allowing for the new.

Debbie has undergone an intense journey into many complementary healing modalities and meditation techniques. This has culminated in a healing modality, which is guided from the inner planes whereby the ancient art of healing through sound, movement and breathing patterns emerges. Debbie incorporates the 5 elements, sound and crystals to redistribute the energy dynamics of an individual or group towards wholeness and completion. Debbie has travelled the world for 6 years working as a professional dancer doing a speciality dance show incorporating martial arts, dance, gymnastics while also using nunchaka sticks with fire.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 850 9181 | E-mail: | Web: or

Dr Derek Johnson

Good health-balancing mind body and soul
Join Doc Derek as he elucidates the best means of achieving balance and harmony for your body and your soul.

Speaker's biography
Dip.Iri.:Dip.Scl M.D.(Alt.Med.);T.I.R.; L.S.R.: Dip.Nat.Med.: Dip. Phyt

Doc Derek is a holistic practitioner in natural medicine, public speaker (incl. Radio and T.V.), lecturer, researcher and author.

Contact details: Tel no: 073 067 2490 | E-mail:

Dion Viljoen & Anita van der Merwe

Dion Viljoen & Anita van der Merwe
Dynamic Dance is a free movement meditation that is informed by various conscious dance modalities. These modalities include 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine, the meditation practices of, among others, Osho and Vipassana as taught by SN Goenka, as well as time-honored shamanic traditions that use ecstatic dance as a tool for awareness, self healing, soul retrieval and spiritual renewal.

Speaker's biography
Dion Viljoen started dancing in Cape Town 20 years ago and is not about to stop soon. He has attended various movement meditation workshops and, inspired by the work of, among others, Gabrielle Roth, Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, he has started his own practice known as Dynamic Dance in both the Garden Route and Johannesburg.

Contact details: Tel no: 072 433 7421 | E-mail: | FB: Dynamic Dance Johannesburg

Dion Viljoen & Belinda Loudon

Dion Viljoen & Anita van der Merwe
Bliss is the balance that happens when we fully embrace both our shadow and our light and come to rest in love. When we drop deep into the center of presence, every cell of our bodies gets infused with the eros of life. We smell the ambrosia of being. When we open to the full aliveness of our bodies, stillness arises of itself.

Speaker's biography
Dion Viljoen has attended various movement meditation workshops and, inspired in this instance by the work of Dakini Shakti Malan, trained to be a Bliss Dance facilitator along with Belinda Loudon. Together, they invite you on a journey of deep surrender to the pure potentiality of being in the moment.

Contact details: Tel no: 072 433 7421 | E-mail: | FB: Bliss Dance Johannesburg

Fritz Duminy - Simunye Ngothando

The Benefits of Sweat Lodges

Speaker's biography
We have been involved with the Native American Twisted Hairs Teachings for the past 20 years and have been doing teachings and sweat lodges at Simunye Ngothando for the last 12 years. We are sacred pipe holders and strive to observe and facilitate the traditions and ceremonies of the Native American people with integrity and dignity in the spirit of free will choice. The experience of this path has brought great beauty to us in all respects.
The sweat lodge or sweat house (also called purification ceremony, ceremonial sauna, or simply sweat) is a ceremonial or ritual event in some cultures, particularly among some North American First Nations, Native American, Scandinavian, Baltic and Eastern European cultures.

Contact details: Tel no: 0823417019 | E-mail: | Web:

Jason Light Wing

Shamanism for a New Age.

Through Neo-Shamanism, we can get a glimpse of the wonder and the mystery of the Universe and ourselves. We can experience paranormal and other types of expanded states and receive them in personal development and for healing purposes. It is a resource for anyone seeking healing, well-being, spiritual and/or mystical experiences. The journey's goal is to increase awareness, to live in the now, to develop the capacity to love, to awaken the light body & to manifest self-realisation and enlightenment. It also allows you receive the beneficial energies of the forces of nature, protect yourself from any kind of negativity, release old and unwanted energies, and create authentic power and unconditional love.

Contact details: Tel no: 076 523 6310 | E-mail: | FB: Jason Light Wing

Jenny Churr Walker

Free your breath, free your life
Take food and water away and human beings won't survive. Take oxygen away and within a few minutes our body dies. How can breathwork be such a profound and powerful tool for spiritual, psychological and physical well-being? Come and experience a demonstration of the mysterious power of breathwork - an ancient technique that entails much more than yogic breathing techniques or other quick fixes.

Speaker's biography
Jenny Churr has 32 years experience in various healing modalities. She has studied breathwork and spiritual growth in Ireland, USA and South Africa. Jenny has a private practice in Johannesburg. Her main modalities are Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork and Emotional Body Release. Also book her for Fire Purification ceremonies, Transformation Game Facilitation, Rune Stone and Tarot of the Spirit readings.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 344 6387 | E-mail: | Web:

Jean Eagle Little Stone

Ecstatic Trance Dance
Ecstatic Trance Dance is a powerful, healing and transformational ACTIVE MEDITATION, by utilising shaking, breath and dance. it takes us beyond the ego or the small mind and ultimately results in transcendence and creates a deeper awareness of ourselves and the world around us. When practiced regularly, ecstatic trance dance is a powerful tool for personal transformation as we learn to surrender into the magic of the present moment and into the mystery of our inner being.

Speaker's biography
Jean Eagle Little Stone has dedicated himself to the spiritual path of ecstatic trance for the past 12 years. He is highly passionate about it and has felt compelled to share it with as many people as he can because of the impact it has had on his life and the amount of inner growth he has achieved through it.

Jean Ananda

Relationship as a Spiritual Practice
Want to take your relationship and intimacy to a deeper level? Learn how to co create a conscious relationship discussing key practices and understandings from various methods of tantric philosophies, processes and practices + imago© relationship work.

Speaker's biography
Jean Ananda is a tantric teacher, sexual healer and intimacy and relationship coach. He is highly passionate about bringing awareness into the many facets of our lives in particular sexuality and relationships. Jean has been dedicated to his personal growth within this realm and has a deep love for sharing and teaching and helping men and women grow in all areas of their lives.

Contact details: Tel no: 072 353 2312 | E-mail: | Web:

Joan Ingham-Brown

Telepathic animal communication
Communicating telepathically is learning to feel and understand by opening yourself up mind to mind (clairvoyance), heart to heart (clairsentience) and soul to soul (clairaudience) to connect with your animal friend. Enabling you to listen to them as it is not a one sided conversation. This enhances you relationship.

Speaker's biography
Joan has been chatting with animals most of her life, realising she can make a difference in their lives. This skill has been enhanced through courses and practice. She is also a crystal healer, working with both animals and humans through hands on and distance healing. Joan also does pendulum work, Reiki and Lemurian healing.

Contact details: Tel no: 076 130 2760 | E-mail:


Dr J (Jeannette Kuruc)

Space no: F3

Speaker's biography
Dr J is qualified in alternative medicines and has been practicing for the past 6 years. She combines other natural modalities with herbal medicine. She is a registered member of the Health Science Institute of America and intricately involved in Rife therapy. She also uses Rife therapy on animals. Her practice is set up to provide other holistic treatments like Ozone therapy and NES Biofeed. The latter giving you a comprehensive printout on the state of your health based on the energy that your body feeds the scanner.

Contact details: Tel no: 072 119 8965 | E-mail:

Elaine Hosiassohn

Practical Feng Shui
Feeling unproductive and out of harmony with your environment? With the use of Feng Shui, designing harmonious and productive conditions can be achieved in your home and office thereby improving wealth and abundance, increased productivity and improved relationships.

Speaker's biography
Elaine founded her company Feng Shui Dynamics in 1995. ?She is a Master of Feng Shui and her consulting encompasses several traditional methods which include Flying Star School, East/West School, Form School, Compass School, Yin/Yang theory and Five Elements which all form part of the traditional or classical school of Feng Shui. Elaine also facilitates courses in Feng Shui.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 449 5190 | E-mail: | Web:

Klasie Wessels

The Logotherapeutic principles are built on our individual freedom of will, will to meaning (in addition to the will to power or the will to pleasure), and the meaning of life under all conditions. Logotherapy awakens us to our own consciousness and noetic dimension where we connect with the power of our conscience and can become aware of our own unique avenues to meaning. Also, the consequences of not recognising the transitoriness of life and slipping into a potential existential vacuum if we do not personally take responsibility. A look at discovering avenues to meaning with particular reference to the Tibetan refugee areas of Dharamsala, India.

Speaker’s biography
Klasie Wessels is a coach and mentor specialising in meaning centered counseling. He practices Logotherapy and personal development though experiential workshops in places like Nepal and India. He has a strong business background and was previously the chairman of one of SA’s largest advertising agencies, Draftfcb. He has an MBA and is currently associated with the Logotherapy department at Unisa’s Center of Applied Psychology.

Contact details: Tel no: 0825544614 | E-mail: | Web:

Lee Davenport - Brown

Reiki healing & Crystal healing
Two innovative talks explain the intricate workings and benefits of both modalities.

Speaker's biography
As a registered Reiki Master, Wellness Coach and Crystal Healing Practitioner , Lee helps each individual heal - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She achives that by supporting each client in their quest for personal growth, well-being and balance. She embraces the opportunity to assist all who enter her space in the process of healing on their journey toward harmony and fulfilment.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 391 1311 | E-mail: | Web:

Lorien Dreamflower

Gayatri & chakra cleansing mantras

Join Lorien in exploring the healing energies of Mantras.

Speaker's biography
Lorien is a co-founder of CRYSTAL VISION, a community space in Jo'burg. She has been using her voice as a tool for supporting the efforts of light beings to heal our souls and our world. She was formally trained in opera and currently provides vocal coaching and training on sound healing and vocal improvement. Lorien works closely with sound and crystals to share her gift with those she touches. Her introduction to overtone singing in 2011 saw the emergence of a sound that is both unique in having the ability to touch and heal the soul.

Contact details: Tel no: 0796930380 | E-mail:

Louise Pitot

Organic Skincare, Inside and Out
What chemicals are lurking in your cosmetics? Is there a difference between natural and organic? Louise uncovers the mystery surrounding the cosmetic industry and through her own experience in healing her body of polycystic ovarian syndrome amongst other things. She will point you in the right direction so that you can heal your life through making informed, conscious product and lifestyle choices.

Hormonal balancing through nutrition
The focus is on a natural remedy for unbalanced female hormones.

Speaker's biography
Louise Pitot, owner of My Change, a natural and organic beauty products distributor, is in the process of launching her new and exciting venture, Body Orchestra. A holistic coaching company specialising in women's infertility and hormonal balancing through nutrition. Body Orchestra focuses on the food we feed our body, what we put on our body in the way of beauty products as well as what we feed our mind. Louise runs workshops, writes blog articles, gives talks and presentations, as well as one-on-one coaching on health and nutrition plus balancing hormones to improve women's quality of life. Body Orchestra will also offer online membership programs and in due course an 'academy' for online courses with Louise and other recommended partners. Louise studied beauty therapy in 1992 and has worked for some of the big name cosmetic brands. She is studying holistic nutrition and has done a raw food course as well as completed Touch For Health Kinesiology courses.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 789 5380 | E-mail: | Web:

Marcelo Toro - Biodanza

The purpose of Biodanza, meaning to dance with life, is to bring people back to a life-centred principle of living. Created by its founder, Rolando Toro Araneda, it uses music, movement, expression and a sense of community to create a safe space for people to get back in touch the joys of life.

Speaker's biography
Currently the director of the Biodanza Schools of Granada, Spain and Cape Town, Marcelo Toro is a third-generation Biodanza teacher following in the steps of his lineage. He has given courses of Biodanza in South America, Central America, Europe and Africa.

Contact details: Tel no: 0795941322 | E-mail: | Web:


Marguerite Handy

Aura-Soma- Beyond Colour ®
Aura-Soma is therapeutic colour for everyone. What is it about colour that makes it so powerful, and how can we capture the magic of colour to improve our lives? The energies of colour surround us and are key ingredients in how we form our feelings towards something. When we become stressed we disrupt the natural flow of energy in and around us and we begin to feel a little "off-colour" , "washed out " or "bleak". The word "Aura" means light, "Soma" means body. So we are addressing the vibrancy of the light-body or bio-energetic field when using the Aura-Soma products. One of our aims is to bring the seven major energy centers into balance, and also to restore, revitalise and rebalance ourselves at all possible levels. An incredible tool is at our fingertips!

A solar spectrum of radiant colour to bring balance back into life. This workshop is for everyone! Colour speaks all languages. As we begin to understand the language of colour we can begin to see our strategies and how we make things happen in our lives. Aura-Soma relies on bottles of dual-coloured liquids known as Equilibrium bottles that incorporate plant extracts, essential oils, and the energies and extracts of precious and semi-precious stones. Our choice of 4 of the 111 equilibrium bottles is a consciousness mirroring of who we are.

"We are the colour we choose, and the colours reflect our beings needs"
When the colours of the therapeutic bottle are applied onto the skin they help the chakras open and function well as transceivers, easing the flow of energy within, helping to move away from dis-ease and into a state of more harmonious ease. Interacting with the colours of Aura-Soma can be a personally rejuvenating and supportive process, affecting the energetics of our subtle anatomy and physical being. Our individual colour code may be a springboard to develop greater awareness of our path and purpose, gifts, soul talents, our challenges and how we may step free from the conditioned patterns of the past.

Speaker's biography
Marguerite is an Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant and teacher and registered with the Arts & Science International Academy of Colour Technologies U.K. She has been working with the evolving Aura-Soma system since 1996, offering training and private consultations. She is also a qualified Reiki Master Usui , Genesen Acutouch Therapist and Colour Astro Biochemic Tissue Salt consultant.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 688 0733 | E-mail: | Web:

Master Ben Liu

Qi Gong
Join Master Ben for a fascinating journey into this ancient mystical art.

"We are the colour we choose, and the colours reflect our beings needs"
When the colours of the therapeutic bottle are applied onto the skin they help the chakras open and function well as transceivers, easing the flow of energy within, helping to move away from dis-ease and into a state of more harmonious ease. Interacting with the colours of Aura-Soma can be a personally rejuvenating and supportive process, affecting the energetics of our subtle anatomy and physical being. Our individual colour code may be a springboard to develop greater awareness of our path and purpose, gifts, soul talents, our challenges and how we may step free from the conditioned patterns of the past.

Speaker's biography
Master Ben, originally from Taiwan, has twenty years experience in Qi Gong.
His first Qi Gong master focused on breathing and the guiding of energy (Qi), while his second master showed him how to link the energy with massage techniques. His third teacher showed him the movements to guide energy and deliver it to the body where it is needed for healing. He has spent many years mastering the use of his energy to heal himself and others.

Contact details: Tel no: 0791725312 | E-mail: | Web:

Mia Von Scha

Present moment parenting
We are living in the information age and are constantly bombarded with parenting information and advice. Find out why you should throw all your parenting manuals away and how to connect with your own inner intelligence. Also connect with that innate knowing that you have and parent authentically.

Tao in the Box
An introduction to Taoism, the world, and the importance of being YOU. This is an inspirational story with vivid and enticing illustrations, helping children from 2 to 200 to find their place in the world. Inspired by her own two Zen Masters (aka children).

Speaker's biography
Mia is a transformational coach, motivational speaker & author of inspirational children's books. She works with parents and teachers, helping them to clear out their own emotional baggage and limiting beliefs so that they can live fully in the present and raise children who are unlimited and able to express their true potential. Mia achieved a BA in psychology, a certification in trauma counseling, as well as various qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy, stress biofeedback and time paradigm techniques.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 451 4594 | E-mail: or | Web: or

Ma Anand Leandra

Taking Intimacy To New Heights I & II
In its very essence Tantra is the yoga of presence. Tantra celebrates the body and its senses as the gateway presence. Bringing presence into sexual expression, takes intimacy to new heights. In two follow up presentations, I discuss how authentic Tantra offers individuals and couples of all sexual preferences, a practical reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality.

Speaker's biography
A leading teacher of authentic Tantra in South Africa, Leandra trained in Germany where she lived for 28 years. Returning to South Africa, she brought the art of tantric massage with her. With the purpose of keeping the pure flavor of this deeply intimate work alive, she founded Tantra Sacred Massage™. She is also founder/director of the Durga Tantra School offering a variety of workshops, retreats and The National Institute of Tantra South Africa (NITSA). Her background as a psychoanalytical art therapist and over 30 years' experience gives her a highly professional basis for her present tantric work.

Contact details: Tel no: 0845865361 | E-mail: | Web: | | www.tantra-south-africa

Mark Joseph

Find your inner Goddess / God
Join Mark for this fascinating journey into self-discovery

Speaker's biography
Mark Joseph became disillusioned with average society mind-set from a young age. He travelled to India and the Himalayas where he came into contact with Tibetan masters who taught in the ancient and secret arts of esoteric meditation. Mark returned to SA and continued to teach workshops all over the country. He is widely known in the yoga and meditation circles and his passion for finding inner happiness and peace is infectious. Mark truly believes that we are able to fully evolve to our imagined self; all it takes is a little practice.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 330 5355 | E-mail: | Web:

Marloes Joseph

Tibetan Heart Yoga
Heart Yoga is a practice, which involves sending love, wisdom and compassion to a dear friend or family member and is done using your asana and breath.

Speaker's biography
Marloes has completed Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa flow teachers training. She is the South African representative for Heart Yoga , a special practice for using compassion and mindfulness in one's yoga practice. Marloes is a practitioner of deep relaxation and has successfully integrated this into her yoga practice.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 654 4620 | E-mail: | Web:

Mandy Mulders

Discover Pilates

Speaker's biography
Mandy is an Equilibrium trained Pilates Mat Instructor (2005). She owned and ran a successful studio in the Free State for four years. She subsequently moved to Pretoria and for the past five years has been working at Precision Pilates, Virgin Active and now also with Vital Touch at Lombardy Office Park. Mandy is passionate about posture and correcting body alignment and has been to master classes with some of Pilates greats achieving wonderful results with rehabilitation.

Contact details: Tel no: 0795055874 | E-mail:

Nicola Bentley - Superfoods

"Superfoods for Superhealth" - This talk will focus on easy ways to add nutrient dense foods to your diet with powerful health giving benefits. Looking at alkalizing, cleansing and energizing superfoods to aid health, healing, fitness and weight loss. There will be demos and tasters.

Speaker's biography
Nicola is the sales executive & business development manager for Superfoods / Rawlicious in Gauteng. She is a nutritional therapist with a BSc Physiology / Psychology and a diploma in clinical nutrition (Australia). She is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher (India) and has always been passionate about holistic approaches to health and nutrition. She is also an avid mountain biker and trail runner.

Contact: Tel no: 082 903 3406 | E-mail: | Web:

Paul Boyter

Rhythmic harmony (Interactive drumming experience)
Interactive drumming is fun and inspiring for all ages. Experienced or not, you will float off on a journey of discovery as you explore your own Rhythm. There is nothing more humbling than beating a drum in unison, feeling the vibrations of each beat influencing the power of now.

Speaker's biography
Paul is an accomplished percussionist and facilitator who has been leading audiences in rhythmic harmony since 1997. His passion is to bring the power of music and sound therapy together to help inspire individuals to find their inner rhythm - the rhythm of passion! Drumming is infectious and is extremely healing on all levels mentally, physically and emotionally. So come and join in to experience the true meaning of ubuntu.

Contact details: Tel no: 084 446 8746 | E-mail: | Web:

Penni du Plessis

The consciousness of colour
Have you watched 'The Secret' and done affirmations until you are blue in the face, and yet nothing changes? What if there was a new way of being that is so simple and easy, that could dynamically change your life forever? Penni has combined colour with Access Consciousness tools to create something truly unique. If you would like to be inspired, join her for this fascinating talk.

Speaker's biography
Penni is internationally recognised and has developed and taught various courses on how to incorporate colour therapy into your life for over 20 years. She makes her own range of colour therapy products and teaches you how to use them either in counseling sessions, integrating them with sound and geometry, in a gentle massage treatment called Antaneea Technique or with other healing and body processes.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 900 8024 | E-mail: | Web:

Dr Roxanna Gunter

Homoeopathy, consciousness and vibrant health
Exploring ideas on how Homoeopathy and other vibratory medicines work to achieve a state of homeostasis.

Speaker's biography
Dr Roxanna Gunter is a registered Homoeopath practicing in Sunninghill, Jhb. She is also a lecturer on healing principles and philosophy at the University of Johannesburg. She has an integrative approach in treating disease using homoeopathy, western herbal & Chinese medicine & nutrition. She has a special interest in the psycho-emotional contribution to disease states.

Contact details: Tel no: 072 217 3845 | E-mail:

Ryan van Jaarsveld

Food is consciousness
One of the most effective ways of changing who we are comes down to our digestion - our inner fire.
Find out how you can overcome anxiety, fear, stress and insecurity and start living the life of the powerful, successful being that you truly are, through the practice of Ayurveda. .

Speaker's biography
Ryan has been studying the mystery sciences for over eight years and in discovering Ayurveda has started the most profound journey that completely changed his life. Ryan works closely with one of the world's best Ayurvedic doctors, Dr Ram Garg who treats patients in South Africa and runs a Panchkarma clinic in Rishikesh, India. He facilitates retreats to Rishikesh where fellow seekers are able to experience Panchkarma, discover where yoga came from and learn how to gain peace of mind in age-old meditation techniques.

Contact details: Tel no: 079 966 3707 | E-mail: | Web:

Sergio Salotto

Do you know who you are? What are you really?

Speaker's biography
"In 1990 I uncovered a unique life driving force that resulted in my experiencing a life-altering event. It was an event from which I eliminated my belief of not being good enough and ended my making decisions out of fear of possible consequences. For the first time I understood the real meanings of responsibility and freedom of choice. Having counseled those close to me to identify their own unique driving force and change their lives, led me to facilitate my own self-awareness workshops. I offer private counseling & public speaking. I have been on Radio 702 and I am in process of finding a publisher for my book on this subject."

Contact details: Tel no: 082 412 3524 | E-mail:

Shelley Cooper

Our pets - How human are they?
Shelly invites young and old to come and join her as she explores the nature of the furry and not so furry animal friends whose world we share.

Speaker's biography
While working in the corporate world, Shelley Cooper spends her free time working in the Animal Rescue community. Never having 2-legged children herself, she has always considered her four-legged furry ones her children. She has a background in human psychology and a wealth of experience in rehabilitating, training and caring for animals of various shapes and sizes. Shelley fosters and heals many animals in her home. Her pack is constantly expanding and contracting. She currently has 7 dogs, 13 cats and 2 pigs of her own.

Contact details: Tel no: 0734466809 | E-mail:

Swami Yogasagar

The Misconceptions and Facts About Yoga and Spiritual Life
Yoga has become widely accepted as an excellent way to relax, however very few students and even yoga teachers realise the enormous potential and benefits of yoga as a remedial therapy for treating a wide range of common diseases and social ailments related to stress and our current lifestyles. Questions to be written and submitted 30 min before the talk begins or forward any questions to prior to 24 October 2013.

Speaker's biography
Swami Yogasagar is a disciple of Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda. He lived and trained in India between 1978 and 1986 with his guru and has over the years become highly regarded as an authentic teacher of tantra and yoga. In 1997 he was instructed by his guru to live in South Africa and continue to develop his spiritual knowledge. Swami Yogasagar founded the Satyam Yoga School in Rosebank. He trains teachers, conducts sadhana classes for experienced students and guides private clients in the remedial application of yoga for health and spiritual wellbeing.

Contact details: Tel no: 082 371 7561 | E-mail: | Web:

Yoga Classes at Soulspace 2013
Yoga for health and wellbeing. Feel good in your body and restore the natural harmony of a healthy well-balanced mind and body. Swami Yogasagar will oversee a range of Yoga classes and conduct private consultations during the course of Soulspace 2013. These are introductory classes to heal and treat physical & mental conditions. Swami Yogasagar has trained all the teachers presenting these classes. Swami will ensure that everyone attending these classes will have an opportunity to meet with him and ask questions or follow up with private classes and other options. Please refer to the programme for times & venue.

Stress management: We all need to learn how to relax and become quiet in the mind.
High blood pressure: Suitable for anyone who is overweight or suffering from heart disease.
Asthma: An excellent class to improve breathing and control asthma attacks.
Insomnia: Deep restful sleep is essential for a healthy relaxed mind. Don't miss this class if you can't sleep or if you can only manage short hours of sleep.
IBS: A universal condition affecting 35% of the Western world. IBS can be resolved and managed with yoga.
Constipation: This class will aid in toning the digestive system.
Trauma: An essential class and unique opportunity for anyone who is suffering as a result of a recent or past trauma. Suitable for post traumatic stress and psychosomatic illness associated with trauma.

Private consultations at Soulspace 2013
Swami Yogasagar will offer small private classes & consultations in Room 27. These classes can be arranged for singles & couples or a family. Private consultations provide an opportunity for very personal attention to individual needs. These classes will suit anyone who has an interest in any of the following topics:

Personal practice & alignment,
health issues & personal wellbeing,
spiritual aspirations & queries,
meditation, family integration & unity,
teenagers improving learning & study and
puberty regulating hormonal changes.

Bookings are essential: Please book by sending a mail to

Tamar Dakes Botha

'6 Steps in 7 Minutes' can improve your life
The journey of a restless soul from pain, humiliation, anger, rebellion and freedom to self-actualisation through healing the inner child. Tamar will talk about new age children, new age adults and how '6 Steps in 7 Minutes' can improve your life.

Speaker's biography
Tamar is the founder of Beaming Kids Academy of Life. She is a mother, teacher trainer, speaker, therapist and author. She has over 20 years experience in personal and spiritual growth. Her travels, knowledge, and insatiable love of yoga have created the ideal platform for her to transform lives and inspire others. She is gifted in helping children connect to Source and adults to their inner child. Tamar works closely with the angels and uses the natural world, six senses, song and play yoga to facilitate wellness.

Contact details: Tel no: 083 307 7011 | E-mail: | Web:

Tania Naudé - Living It Holistic Healing Centre

Malaika Munay Healing
Malaika Munay (Angel Love) Healing is a powerful, yet non-invasive, healing technique channeled to Tania by Lord Buddha and Master Jesus. You will be astounded at the simplicity of this profound technique, which incorporates pure awareness and Ho'oponopono to bring about healing on all levels of your being.

Speaker's biography
Tania's passion is to empower people to heal themselves. As an enthusiastic promoter of Ho'oponopono she incorporates this beautiful and powerful self-healing technique in all her work. Tania has a natural ability to intuit and feel which energies are needed in the various parts of a person's being and combines laying on of hands, sound, breath, unconditional love and pure awareness to facilitate healing. Tania encourages you to find your authentic self and to fulfill your own destiny so that you can live your life authentically.

Contact details: Tel no: 0823910630 | E-mail: | Web:

Vanessa A'Wakan

You can see Aura without looking!
Join Vanessa as she guides you through the insights of the Aura.

Speaker's biography
An internationally trained shamanic mentor, qualified Louise Hay facilitator, public speaker, published author, journalist and English teacher, Vanessa A'Wakan has been facilitating various workshops, retreats and on-on-one sessions for the past 25 years. With many years of experience doing this work, painting auras, healing, teaching, and writing, she has been invited and has travelled to England, Scotland and the Isle of Skye. She also travelled to various cities in South Africa to present her life-changing workshops, healing and spiritual work. Vanessa has recently visited Hawaii where she has undergone intensive Shamanic training and attended a retreat relating to the volcanoes with the Huna Shamans on Big Island.

Contact details: Tel no: 071 892 3606 | E-mail: | FB: Vanessa A'Wakan
Soul Whisperer On-Line

Vicki Broome

The Transcendental Meditation technique
What is the Transcendental Meditation technique? What happens when you meditate? Benefits of TM ranging from less stress to the development of enlightenment. Facts about scientific research on the TM technique. She will also touch on meditation techniques, their differences and if they combine.

Speaker's biography
Vicki was the president of the National SA Transcendental Meditation Organisation for 16 years. She has worked in London, Switzerland, Australia, Kenya and the Philippines, lecturing on Ayurveda and teaching Transcendental Meditation to management. She has taught TM to more than 8000 people. Publication: Broome, V. J. (1987) Transcendental Meditation as an aid to marriage functionality.

Contact details: Tel no: 011 483 0684 | E-mail: | Web:

Wendy Young - Wise Living

Natural and sustainable wellbeing
The real therapy begins with self awareness.  Then only can we make the necessary changes in our internal environment without external intervention.  Through self awareness we develop self knowledge and an understanding of what lifestyle choices are best for our unique body/mind constitution and condition.  Join Wendy for this practical and informative talk during which she will share empowering insights into relaxation, breathing, nutrition and lifestyle practices.   Learn a bodyscan and breath technique to help develop awareness.  The body’s innate state is one of wellbeing and harmony! 

Speaker's biography
Wendy Young (Vandana) is a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Holistic Life Coach & Therapist. She has studied in India, Thailand and the United Kingdom, a range of healing modalities: traditional Thai massage, Ayurvedic Oil massage, Ayurveda, nutrition, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Pranic Healing and is a Reiki Master. Wendy infuses a wide range of therapeutic healing treatments, counseling, group and private Yoga lessons as well as workshops and retreats with this knowledge. She has been in private practice for 14 years and her unique approach is to invoke your inner teacher and inner knowing in order for self-healing, sustainable change and true empowerment to take place. She has been teaching Yoga for 8 years and has a calm, caring and down to earth approach.

Contact details: Tel no: 072 800 4982 | E-mail: | FB: Wendy Young Wise Living

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