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Practitioner's Profiles

Artie Jina - Kriya Healing Centre

Space no: G9

On offer
"I have more than 10 years of experience in tarot card reading, life coaching, Reiki healing, crystal healing and chakra balancing. I use these alternative therapies and techniques to help my clients overcome emotions of fear, confusion and uncertainty and to find options and choices that they can pursue to positively impact their lives.
I will be offering tarot card readings and life coaching.
I will also have various items on sale such as crystals and crystal bracelets, key rings, candles and Incense, Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi statues as well as Buddha and Dragon statues."

+/- Consultation cost: R250 per session (40 mins)
Contact details: Tel no: 082 880 7187| E-mail: | Web:

Avanthi Singh - Avanthi Energy Worx

Space no: E6 & E7

On offer
Psychic readings
Intuitive healing.

+/- Consultation cost: R250
Contact details: Tel no: 083 300 6068 | E-mail: | FB: Avanthi Singh

Barry Morgan

Space no: E8

On offer
Psychic portrait artist.

+/- Consultation cost:R250 for 30 minutes
Contact details: Tel no: 083 601 9061 | E-mail: | FB: Barry V Morgan

Beryl Broekman - Theta Healing

Space no: Room 9

On offer
Energetic healing - physical and emotional.
Soul purpose discovery.
Rune readings.
Lifting limiting beliefs.
Energetic readings.
Meeting guardian angels.
Relationship counseling .

+/- Consultation cost: From R100 to R550
Contact details: Tel no: 082 874 4874 | E-mail:

Catherine Bloomhill - Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Space no: E4

On offer
BodyTalk sessions with Catherine.

What is BodyTalk?
BodyTalk is an integrative therapy, that is non-invasive, safe and an effective approach to treating many chronic and acute health problems as well as being effective as a maintenance and preventative healthcare system. It can be used as a stand-alone system or seamlessly integrated with any healthcare regimen. BodyTalk's major assets are its simplicity, safety and the speed of results.

+/- Consultation cost R350 per session
Contact details: Tel no: 083 650 9283 | E-mail: | FB: BodyTalk Health and Wellbeing

Cathy - Dreamcatcher Reader

Space no: B2

On offer
"Hi my name is Cathy. I am Hindu and accepting of all other faiths. In addition to receiving my degree in Psychology and becoming a lay counselor, I realised that I loved spiritual counseling using the Tarot cards, Angel cards, Goddess cards and Isis Oracle. This is quite a healing and nourishing experience for the client and for me at the same time. I feel Divinely inspired during each reading. At the end of the reading (as my clients sit and close their eyes) I offer a mini chakra balance using small Tibetan chakra bowls. In the past I have been invited, twice, to read on air for Radio 702".

+/- Consultation cost R250 for 30 minutes; R125 for 15 minutes
Contact details: Tel no: 082 648 9070 | E-mail: | FB: The Dreamcatcher

Carole Candiotes - Love is a state of THE SOUL

Space no: F8

On offer
Carole is an experienced and gifted Psychic Medium, Soul Therapist and Life Coach. She has been practicing locally & internationally for 30 years. Carole facilitates instruction on the development of personal energy awareness (light body development) and self-realisation. She is the author of a book on the subject called 'The Freedom Choice' and leads spiritual retreats on the complexities of sound, colour, intention and ancient teachings entitled 'Zero Point Peace'. She has also produced a double CD of narrated guided meditations on 'The Freedom Choice'. Carole has written, and teaches, a unique energy-transference healing methodology based on channeled, inspiration, and application of quantum metaphysics.

+/- Consultation cost 45 mins: R350 90 mins: R450 (Private consultations available during the Festival)
Contact details: Tel no: 076 961 8968 | E-mail: | FB: Par Excellence Angelos

Chantal Pereira

Space no: A2

On offer
Angel & life purpose card readings
Spiritual life coaching
Energy healing
Chakra balancing
Healing & releasing emotional blockages through Pilates
Unleash your inner Goddess with Salsa & Latin dance classes .

+/- Consultation cost R250 (Card Reading &Pilates), R350 (Healings & Life Coaching)
Contact details: Tel no: 076 021 5068 | E-mail: | FB: Chantal Valencia Pereira

Claudia Picarra

Space no: G10 & Room 28

On offer
To every problem there is always a solution whether physical or emotional. Allowing me to show you the way to your inner self is half the battle won. The other half would be the therapy most suited towards whatever your needs may be such as Crystal therapy, Chakra Balancing, Meridian therapy, Reiki, Hypnosis or Color therapy towards fulfillment and healing in your life. If need be a program is drawn up for you to follow and specific natural products prescribed.

Contact details: Tel no: 081 311 0714 | E-mail: | Web:

Darren Cook - Massage Therapist

Space no: E3

On offer
Darren has been involved in massage therapy for 12 years. He specialises in Shiatsu, a Japanese massage, which is based on pressure points in the body. He studies Shiatsu at the South African Shiatsu College. Another type of massage he is involved with, which he studied through Les Nouvelle Magazine, is California massage (Psycho Soma-Trauma). He also does Metamorphosis Healing. Some of his other massage techniques include weight-loss massage (Swedish, Slim Sticks), detox massage (lymph drainage, bamboo sticks), pregnancy massage, sports massage (trigger points), deep tissue massage, holistic massage and he also offers nutritional advice.

+/- Consultation cost: From R150
Contact details: Tel no: 079 161 3487

Deon Breytenbach

Space no: E9

On offer
Intuitive healing.

+/- Consultation cost: R250 for 30 mins
Contact details: Tel no: 071 878 7023 | E-mail:

Dianne Radloff - Angels Haven

Space no: F10

On offer
Tarot readings followed by a complimentary angel reading by Dianne. There is nothing more mysterious in life than the human being, and like all the symbolic images which men and women have created over the millennia, the tarot cards are fundamentally a description of the human journey from birth to death. The tarot is a series of pictorial portrayals of the archetypal human life-journey. When I work with the tarot cards, the images that are portrayed are what is happening in your life at the present moment, and what will most likely transpire in the future. Working with your angels and your energy, the cards reveal what is uppermost in your mind. They present a storyline for me to work with.

+/- Consultation cost: R250 for 30 mins
Contact details: Tel no: 082 699 0031 | E-mail: | Web:

Debbie Howes: Personal Growth and Healing Practitioner

Space no: Room 25

On offer
Discover your unconscious patterns, which are causing all of your problems via a projective drawing and story telling process. Understand your addictive, repetitive cycles in a new way, and how to take the first steps to make the necessary changes. A body therapy: Debbie has a natural gift to identify the problem areas in your body and the energy blockages, and to make the required energy shifts and balancing so that you may heal naturally and in alignment with your true nature. Healing with crystals and the sounds of voice toning: in particular the sound of the bee, forms the perfect geometry that is required for cellular healing and balance. This realigns the energy dynamic to the memory of the perfection which the healing restores.

+/- Consultation cost: 15mins: R200, 30 mins: R380, 45mins: R550, 60mins: R730
Payment facilities: Cash or pay at the central credit card facility
Contact details: Tel no: 082 850 9181 | E-mail: | Web:

Dorné King

Space no: Room 21

On offer
Dorné King offers Spiritual Counselling, Stress Management and Psychic Readings. Her background is in the media, fashion, education, wholesale and retail industries. Dorné has over 20 year's experience as an international health professional, helping employers and employees deliver quality service, stress free communication and public relations. Dorné is a certified Stress Management Consultant, Spiritual Counsellor and Psychic. Her passion lies in the challenging art of guiding/coaching individuals to reconnect with their higher-self as a method of reaching their full vibration. Having recently returned to South Africa after 18 years abroad, Dorné brings with her a wealth of experience in human relations.

+/- Consultation cost: R100 (per 30 minutes session)
Contact details: E-mail: | Linked In: Dorne King

Firefox - Readings - Colleen Johnson

Space no: F7

On offer
An artist know as Firefox, in the esoteric world, Colleen Johnson has been working in the field for over 50 years. Colleen studied art at the Johannesburg Technikon and she participated in numerous commercial art jobs, including owning a silk screen-printing business. After 17 years in this career, she felt a growing need to work with her spirituality and accepted her first commissions for "soul portraits". These portraits consist of readings from numerology and shamanic animal cards and combined with channeling, manifest into beautifully rendered A2 pastel coloured artworks on paper. She has appeared on television and in magazines.

+/- Consultation cost: Readings R500 (for 1hr) R200 (for 20-30 mins) R1500 Soul Portraits
Contact details: E-mail: 083 730 6083 | Email:

Form-Reality PracticeTM

Space no: G2

On offer
Sharing of The Form-Reality Practice™ (The Form) with individuals and sharing of the CosmoFORMTM in group sessions. Both the Form and the CosmoFORM are slow graceful movements that call the participant (and a recipient - optional in the Form) to a deeper communion with their hearts and higher consciousness. The Form can uniquely be practiced alone or with a partner, and is a sequence of dancelike movements, mostly of the body, with the feet, shoulders and head of the recipient held briefly. The entire movement usually takes between 20 and 35 minutes. The CosmoFORM brings the body into direct alignment with the cosmos, 'downloading' new energy and uplifting all past, anchoring cosmic energy into the body. Both movements are deep meditations into new-found stillness and cosmic experience.

+/- Consultation cost: No charge
Contact details:
Tel no:
082 574 6054 | E-mail: | FB: The Form.Reality Practice
Tel no: 082 330 9930 | E-mail:
Tel no: 082 852 6145 | E-mail:
Tel no: 083 445 0376 | E-mail:

Janet Sedgwick - Spiritual Psychic Readings

Space no: B1 & B2

On offer
Spiritual psychic readings are done by Janet Sedgwick, a gifted psychic, who offers assistance with all major areas of one's life, together with contacting your personal spirit guides/Angels and loved ones in the world of Spirit. She has a universal approach to 'Energy' which incorporates spiritual healing, guidance, working with crystal energies & the exciting processes of Metamorphosis and Reiki Healing. These all form part of her life today. Janet offers extensive workshops that assist individuals to enhance their lives in various, interesting ways. Janet is continually seeking to identify the lessons being shown by the Universe, as well as seeking the 'truth' in all things. Her life is dedicated to the path of service.

+/- Consultation cost: POA
Contact details: Tel no: 082 871 5182 | E-mail: | Web:

Jason Light Wing - Psychic Medium & Reiki Healer

Space no: E11

On offer
Jason is a gifted and experienced medium, healer, hypnotherapist and a master level Reiki practitioner. With his knowledge acquired over the years, he incorporates his skills and experience into psychic readings, energy healing and space clearings, using the creation of specialised orgonite for negative orgone energy cleansing and positive orgone energy generators for all spaces. Having created an Orgone Harmony Healing System, he uses crystals, electromagnetic pulses and audio frequency using ischronic and binaural pulse waves to induce brain wave patterns into a meditative state, using sacred sound to heal the body, mind and spirit. Jason combines science, music and the esoteric to heal..

+/- Consultation cost: -
Contact details: Tel no: 076 523 6310 | E-mail: | FB: Jason Light Wing

Jenny Churr Walker - Breath & Transformation Facilitator

Space no: Room 17

On offer
“I offer a simple yet powerful breathing technique which will balance the cellular body as well as your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A breath session lasting 1.5 hours accesses, releases and integrates memories, emotions and patterns of stress in the body, mind and soul that prevent us from fully living. Deep relaxation releases body tension. Conscious and connected breathing as opposed to the way we normally breathe keeps feelings and experiences suppressed. Breath work is one great adventure you can make in the discovery of yourself. It is a safe, powerful and direct key to the deepest level of awareness of yourself. I am dedicated to providing a safe space for you to enjoy your inner journey”.

+/- Consultation cost: R550 per session
Contact details: Tel no: 082 344 6387 | E-mail: | FB: BreathingSA

Jodi Afriat - Metamorphosis Through Healing

Space no: Room 8

On offer
Hello beautiful beings, my name is Jodi. I am a certified Body Talk, BARS & Reiki Practitioner and currently working toward my life coaching certification. The beauty about combining these modalities is how they complement one another. They focus on enhancing & integrating lines of communication between mind, body & soul; and the effective release of stored unconscious energy. These modalities target the mind: unhealthy thoughts, attitudes, belief systems, which if left unnoticed, begin to manifest in our physical bodies as anxiety, insomnia, depression, aches & pains and more serious illnesses. By working on the mind, these physical ailments start to fade, allowing one to experience inner peace, calm & general wellbeing.

+/- Consultation cost: R280 (per 45 minute session)
Contact details: Tel no: 082 521 8307 | E-mail: | FB: Jodi Afriat Energy Healing Therapy

Julie Westfehling - Structural Integration

Space no: Room 5

On offer
Structural Integration (Rolfing) is an original, scientifically validated, system of body restructuring and movement education. It releases the body's segments (legs, torso, arms etc.) from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing. It is about the relationship we have with our bodies, how we live in our bodies. It allows one to feel lighter and boosts one's energy. It alleviates any pains one has grown accustomed to. Julie has been intricately involved in Rolfing for 24 years.

+/- Consultation cost: R400 (per 50 minute session)
Contact details: Tel no: 083 243 3199 | E-mail:

Julia Hastie & Practitioners

Space no: Room 14

On offer
Your body knows what it needs to heal itself- allow a BodyTalk Practitioner to establish communication with your body, and determine the exact priorities your body and mind would like to address, in the exact order best suited for long-lasting results. BodyTalk effectively addresses the body, from the immune system, to stored tension in the organs, and everything in-between. Stress, exhaustion and pain are resolved quickly as your BodyTalk Practitioner gently stimulates your bodies' own healing capacity, in the way your individual body requires, for the profound healing to take place.

+/- Consultation cost: R350 per session (1 hour)
Contact details: Tel no:073 665 6319 | E-mail: | E-mail:

Dr J (Jeanette Kuruc)

Space no: F3

On offer
Dr J is qualified in alternative medicines and has been practicing for the past 6 years. She combines
various natural healing modalities with herbal medicine. She is a registered member of the Health Science Institute of America and intricately involved in Rife Therapy. She also uses Rife Therapy on animals. Her practice is set up to provide other holistic treatments like Ozone Therapy and NES Biofeed. The latter giving you a comprehensive printout on the state of your health based on the energy that your body feeds the scanner.

+/- Consultation cost: TBA
Contact details: Tel no: 072 119 8965 | E-mail:

Karin Marsden - Dreamcatcher Reader

Space no: B1 & B2

On offer
Karin has been involved in alternative healing for the past 18 years.
Using the Tarot cards, her psychic intuition, Angels and Spirit Guides allows her to channel a flow of information; where you currently are and predicting the life path you are traveling on. Giving you pertinent yet simple advice, ensuring that you are remaining on track with the best possible outcome. You will leave the sessions understanding yourself and your circumstance better, with tools to help you navigate through possible roadblocks in your future or even avoid them.

Sat 26th Oct 2013 : 16h00 - 22h00
Sun 27th Oct 2013 : 16h00 - 20h00

+/- Consultation cost: 30 min Reading R250.00 or 15 min Reading R150.00
Contact details: Tel no: 082 470 7643 | E-mail:

Laura Efstathiou - Psychic Energy Therapist

Space no: E13 & B6

On offer
Laura has been a psychic councilor for 35 years, using Runes, palmistry and Mme Leonormand cards to aid psychic seeing, divination and guidance. The palms show who you are, your potential and your past, and takes a look into the future. Mme Leonormand shows your life as it is now, gives a peep into your psyche, and shows if your energy is blocked. The runes indicate your choice in the matter. Laura guides the energy with her psychic seeing and divinatory skills, opening you to empowering choices so that the work is done from your blueprint rather than the survival patterns of the past. Readings include a reading of the hands, a Mme Leonormand spread with runes placed on significant cards to indicate choice, and guidance.

+/- Consultation cost: R250 (1 hour session)
Payment facilities: Cash or pay at the central credit card facility
Contact: Tel no: 083 280 1279 | E-mail: | FB: Laura Efstathiou

Lillian Magale - Dreamcatcher Reader

Space no: B2

On offer
Lillian has been working as a psychic reader for the last 18 years, and 15 years with The Dreamcatcher Shop. She does her readings from her psychic ability to see into the past and future of people's lives and directs them accordingly. She helps and advises with relationships and business.

+/- Consultation cost: POA
Contact: Tel no: 083 270 1452| E-mail: | FB: Dreamcatcher

Kevin Leak - Chirology

Space no: A9

On offer
Chirology is a scientific hand analysis to provide information on gifts, talents, potential and the state of emotional or physical health. From the fingerprint patterns, the life purpose and life lessons are identified. Chirology is the tool that makes it possible to provide career guidance, counseling on all levels and empowers individuals to live their full potential. By applying the principles of Chirology to the features on the hand, the individuals are reminded of who they authentically are .

+/- Consultation cost: From R300
Contact details: Tel no: 073 956 4305 | E-mail: | Web:

Lee Davenport- Brown

Space no: Room 24

On offer
As a registered Reiki Master, Wellness Coach and Crystal Healing Practitioner it is my intention to help each individual heal - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - by supporting each client in their quest for personal growth, well-being and balance. I embrace the opportunity to assist all who enter my life in the process of healing on their journey toward harmony and fulfillment.

1. Reiki healing
2. Chakra balancing
3. Aura smudging
4. Holistic wellness coaching
5. Crystal vibrational layouts
6. Crystal massage - full body / back, neck & shoulders / foot
7. Crystal facial rejuvenation massage

+/- Consultation cost: From R280 to R320
Contact details: Tel no: 083 391 1311 | E-mail: | Web: | FB: ReikiGauteng

Megan La Mer - Cosmic Hugs

Space no: Omni-present at Soulspace 2013

On offer
I can take a person into a deep spiritual experience by hugging them. It is an emanation of pure love that leaves you feeling peaceful, energised and deeply loved.

+/- Consultation cost: Donation
Contact details: Tel no: 0714306289 | E-mail:

Nyette Chadinha

Space no: Room 24

On offer
1. Reiki healing
2. Chakra balancing
3. Aura smudging
4. Crystal vibrational layouts
5. Crystal massage - full body / back, neck & shoulders / foot
6. Crystal facial rejuvenation

+/- Consultation cost: From R280 to R320
Contact details: Tel no: 076 243 2700 | E-mail: | Web:

Penni du Plessis - Divine Space

Space no: Room 22

On offer
Colour Readings: Insightful analysis. Choose a series of coloured oils and the therapist will interpret them for you. They indicate your gifts, potentials and strengths, as well as what is holding you back in life. 30 Minute private colour consultations.

Access Bars: De-frag and re-boot your brain. This gentle therapy clears your mind clutter so that you can re-write your life. 30 Minute taster sessions. Products: Coloured oils, angel sprays and angel candles.

+/- Consultation cost: R150 (per 30 minutes session)
Contact details: Tel no: 082 900 8024 | E-mail: or
FB: Penni du Plessis or Fazila Bizior

Manuela Savage

Space no: B9

On offer
When growing up dream interpretation was part of our breakfast menu, so if you have had a dream and you just don’t know what it means, or you are working towards actualizing your dreams and goals, be sure to make an appointment and listen to the language of your soul and make the link to awaken and achieve the passion and possibility of living with authenticity and purpose.
1.Dream interpretation
2.Soulpath coaching
3.EVA Water purifiers – for healthy water

+/- Consultation cost: R250 per half hour
Payment facilities: Cash or pay at the central credit card facility
Contact: Tel no: 082 561 1861 | E-mail: | FB: Manuela Savage


Marguerite Handy

Space no: B5 & E11

Aura-Soma- Beyond Colour ®
A mirror of colour, the colours we choose reflect who we are and what we need. "We are the colours we choose". They invite us to work from a deeper level within ourselves empowering us to help ourselves by gaining consciousness and insight. Colour Care for the essence of who we are, Aura-Soma™ products revitalise and harmonise the bio-energetic field.

On offer
In the past people have relied on others to tell them what to do and what they need. The Aura-Soma system is non-intrusive and can empower us to make these decisions for ourselves. The 111 Equilibrium oils are the heart of the Aura-Soma system. Their vibrant colours containing the living energies of plants and crystals, support us towards spiritual wellbeing and self-awareness. Experience a unique Aura-Soma consultation. We all have purpose. We all have the potential to fulfill our purpose. Our choice of 4 bottles is a mirror of who we are at a deep level. We can discover so much about ourselves: that which we are conscious of, and the potential of that which lies hidden in the subconscious/unconscious mind. The complexity of the information explored may open door after door, opening us to possibilities we never believed possible.

We can use the dynamic living energies of nature to help us in so many ways:

  • Awaken an enthusiasm for life
  • Improve our relationships
  • Appreciate ourselves and our talents
  • Gain more confidence
  • Discover new tool's to meet life's challenges
  • Reconnect with our inner selves and intuition
  • A path to right livelihood and abundance
  • Rebalance, revitalize our energies
  • Energetic protection for the environment and ourselves we work and live in

+/- Consultation cost: R150 for 30 minutes
Payment facilities: Cash or pay at the central credit card facility
Contact: Tel no: 082 688 0733 | E-mail: | Web:

Master Ben - Qi Gong Massage & Courses

Space no: G13

On offer
Master Ben, originally from Taiwan, has twenty years' experience in Qi Gong, having trained in Taiwan with three different Qi Gong masters. He runs Qi Gong for Health with his family in Parkhurst. His first master focused on breathing and the guiding of energy (Qi), while his second master showed him how to link the energy with massage techniques. His third teacher showed him the movements to guide energy and deliver it to the body where it is needed for healing. He has spent many years mastering the use of his energy to heal himself and others. Today, Master Ben offers classes at Qi Gong for Health to show people how to develop and guide their own energy to maintain good health. He also offers Qi Gong massage where he addresses the physical and energetic layers of the body to promote healing.

+/- Consultation cost: R250 (per 30 mins) R500 (per 60mins)
Contact: Tel no: 011 788 8833 | E-mail: | Web:

Michelle Joubert

Space no: F1

On offer
Identify and release limiting belief systems that are blocking your life and your health – an Osho Zen reading will give you some insight into your current situation. Identify and release belief systems that are holding you back from being truly yourself in work, love and play. Through Art Healing sessions you will connect with your inner wisdom and release what has been holding you back. Handpainted silk journals, motivational mugs and salt bath crystals for auric cleansing.

+/- Consultation cost: Reading @ R200 for 60 mins / Art Healing @ R380 for 90 mins
Contact: Tel no: 082 3309887 | E-mail: | FB: michellejoubertatpenguincreations

Paul Boyter - Harmonics

Space no: Meditation Cellar

Sat 26 & Sun 27 Oct 2013 @ 12h00:
Sound Journey
Paul Boyter
@ R100 per session

Musical Mindfulness
Paul Boyter (Harmonics)
Dr David Wepener (Mindfulness Africa)
@ R100 per session

On offer
Everything is vibration and understanding and experiencing your own vibrations are key to recognising the effect you have on yourself and others. Musical mindfulness takes participants on a journey utilizing the tools of sound therapy and the art of mindfulness blending into a practice that encourages participants to sound their true nature.
Our daily lives are about rhythms and patterns and by finding our pattern of balance and support we can experience harmony and accomplish more. No musical experience necessary. Come and join the circle and experience the fun, healing and sacred aspects of sound and rhythm.

Paul is an owner at Harmonics and a head facilitator at Drum Cafe, which he joined in 1997. He is trained to be a Yoga instructor through Haum of Yoga, and teaches at Living Yoga in Greenside. Paul also plays percussion in a band called 1st Project, who has been going since 2007.

+/- Consultation cost: R100
Contact: Tel no: 084 446 8746 | E-mail: | FB: Harmonics

Remona Baker

Space no: F3

On offer
"I work using the person's energy or vibrations. I do not use any tools such as tarot cards etc., only my Spirit Guides. This is how I am able to sense what is at dis-ease in your life. I am allowed to see or sense certain things that may be troubling you and preventing you from moving forward in your life. At times, when necessary for your own needs, or theirs, a loved one from Spirit will make themselves known to me, so that I may pass on a message of encouragement and upliftment, enabling you to find courage, peace, and /or forgiveness. Each individual's needs are different.

+/- Consultation cost: 30 Minutes @ R250
Contact: Tel no: 074 583 8900 | E-mail:

Sergio Salotto

Space no: E6 & E7

On offer
Spiritual healing (guided).
Life counseling - emotional issues / self-confidence / life purpose .

+/- Consultation cost: R250 (per 30 mins)
Contact: Tel no: 082 412 3524 | E-mail:

Sue Mullins - Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing

Space no: Room 18

On offer
Sue Mullins is a Counseling Psychologist, in private practice for 22 years. She works holistically, using hypnosis and Eastern healing techniques to help clients heal on all levels of their being. Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing, which she learned in India, is a form of sound healing which uses vibration and sound to reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, wellbeing and improved health. The Tibetan Bowls shift brain waves into alpha or theta frequencies that induce deep meditation and peaceful states, clarity of mind and intuition. Using Crystal Healing Sticks, which she learned about in Nepal, allows cleansing and balances the chakras plus works with the intention to create deep relaxation, peace and healing.

+/- Consultation cost: 1 Hour session @ R250
Contact: Tel no: 083 629 7473 | E-mail:

Souliento Healing Centre

Space no: -

On offer
Souliento offers Hypnotherapy, Regression therapy and Reiki treatments. They also offer courses in Munay-Ki rites & massage therapy and facilitate meditation groups & corporate employee wellness programs and training. Gift vouchers are also available. Souliento is also involved in community work with the SAPS and CANSA.

+/- Consultation cost: R250 - R550
Contact: Tel no: 082 2570 716 | E-mail: | FB: Souliento

Swami Yogasagar - Satyam Yoga School

Space no: Room 27

Speaker's biography
Swami Yogasagar is a disciple of Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda. He lived and trained in India between 1978 and 1986 with his guru and has over the years become highly regarded as an authentic teacher of tantra and yoga. In 1997 he was instructed by his guru to live in South Africa and continue to develop his spiritual knowledge. Swami Yogasagar founded the Satyam Yoga School in Rosebank. He trains teachers, conducts sadhana classes for experienced students and guides private clients in the remedial application of yoga for health and spiritual wellbeing.

Yoga Classes at Soulspace 2013
Yoga for health and wellbeing. Feel good in your body and restore the natural harmony of a healthy well-balanced mind and body. Swami Yogasagar will oversee a range of Yoga classes and conduct private consultations during the course of Soulspace 2013. These are introductory classes to heal and treat physical & mental conditions. Swami Yogasagar has trained all the teachers presenting these classes. Swami will ensure that everyone attending these classes will have an opportunity to meet with him and ask questions or follow up with private classes and other options. Please refer to the programme for times & venue.

Stress management We all need to learn how to relax and become quiet in the mind.
High blood pressure Suitable for anyone who is overweight or suffering from heart disease.
Asthma An excellent class to improve breathing and control asthma attacks.
Insomnia Deep restful sleep is essential for a healthy relaxed mind. Don't miss this class if you can't sleep or if you can only manage short hours of sleep.
IBS A universal condition affecting 35% of the Western world. IBS can be resolved and managed with yoga.
Constipation This class will aid in toning the digestive system.
Trauma An essential class and unique opportunity for anyone who is suffering as a result of a recent or past trauma. Suitable for post traumatic stress and psychosomatic illness associated with trauma.

Private consultations at Soulspace 2013
Swami Yogasagar will offer small private classes & consultations in Room 27. These classes can be arranged for singles & couples or a family. Private consultations provide an opportunity for very personal attention to individual needs. These classes will suit anyone who has an interest in any of the following topics: Personal practice & alignment, health issues & personal wellbeing, spiritual aspirations & queries, meditation, family integration & unity, teenagers improving learning & study and puberty regulating hormonal changes.

+/- Consultation cost: POA
Contact: Tel no: 082 371 7561 | E-mail: | Web:

There will be an early morning class 07h00 - 09h00 on the Deck on Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Private sessions in Room 27

Saturday 26 Oct '13

10h00 - 12h00 Pranayama (techniques and methods of practice)
12h00 - 14h00 Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga (theory & practice)
14h00 - 16h00 Mobility (techniques for students who are stiff and inflexible)
16h00 - 18h00 Kriya Yoga (includes an initiation)
Transcending the Mind (discussions & techniques)

Sunday 27 Oct '13

10h00 - 12h00 Kundalini Tantra includes techniques for awakening the chakras and Spiritual insights
12h00 - 14h00 Tratak (eliminate the seeds of karma and improve concentration)
14h00 - 16h00 Yoga Nidra (Pratyahara - internalising the awareness and awakening the inner senses)
16h00 - 18h00 Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga (theory and practice)

Tamar Dakes Botha - Beaming Kids

Space no: G9

On offer:
1. Meditation CDs & inspiring story books for kids
2. Positive thinking cards for kids
3. Face painting & hair wraps
4. Children's Yoga & parent child Yoga classes
5. Kids Yoga teacher training courses
6. Inner child Yoga workshops
7. Reiki sessions and intuitive readings by Tamar

Contact details: Tel no: 083 307 7011 | E-mail: | Web:

Tammy Muter

Room no: 17

On offer:
I am Tammy and have been rebirthing for the last 14years.
Come join me on a journey in a tranquil outdoor setting and let's connect to your full conscious connected breath.
From our moment of birth we learn various ways of holding our breath- we do this to restrict the experience/ unconscious fear. In essence we are a body of breath. I encourage you to free your breath, free your beliefs and embrace every experience.

+/- Consultation cost: R550-00
Contact details: Tel no: 073 224 5562 | E-mail: | FB: BreathingSA | Web:

Tanya Ritchie - Reader @ The Dreamcatcher

Space no: B2

On offer:
Natural psychic and medium born in the UK. Accurate and confidential readings as seen on SABC3 Free Spirit. Author of Your Best Friend is You (Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4568-1268-3). "If you are not getting the answers you want you are not asking the right questions." Learn your true life path with Tanya.

Contact details: Tel no: 084 620 7777 | E-mail: | FB: Dr. Tanya Ritchie

Ursula Macheke Van Graan - Shaman

Space no: Room 19

On offer
Ursula is an initiated Shaman, a communicative and energy healer. She spent over a decade studying the philosophy and application of ancient holistic energy applications in African, American, European and Aboriginal traditions. She is a certified Master and teacher in Reiki and Yoga, applying this knowledge in practical workshops, vision quests, trainings, teachings and spiritual coaching. She holds international master’s degrees in the Karuna © Reiki and Lightarian™ Reiki healing systems. Shaman offerings - Divinations, readings, Runes readings, power animal (connect with your animal totem) AND Ancestral Healing – Soul Retrieval (90 minutes).

+/- Consultation cost: R450 – 60 min. 30 min R250 + Children/Teenagers: Soul Retrieval Lightarian R500
Contact: Tel no: 076 237 0127 or 011 447 8850 | E-mail: | Web:
FB: Ursula M van Graan

Vanessa A'Wakan - Soul Whisperer

Space no: F9

On offer
Aura paintings including written interpretation with angel messages in angelic script
Spontaneous channeling
Angel connections
Tarot readings

+/- Consultation cost: Aura painting @ R350. All other sessions @ R250 for 30 minutes
Payment facilities: Cash or pay at the central credit card facility
Contact: Tel no: 083 771 1627 | E-mail: | Web:

Wendy Young - Wise Living

Space no: Room 23

On offer:
Ayurvedic Massage Therapy: Chavutti Thirumal, the art of the barefoot massage, is a deep tissue hot oil treatment that releases mental and emotional blocks which provides potential for physical and emotional transformation and leaves a deep sense of wellbeing and nourishment with the recipient. It unknots and relieves deep-seated tension and pain, tones and stretches the muscle tissue and strengthens and lengthens the spine. This creates space and allows the breath to deepen, creating more 'room for flow'. It cleanses the body of toxins and improves circulation, metabolism and energy flow, assisting the body to detoxify itself. In returning to its whole and natural state, the body and mind are open and receptive. It is only then that the possibility for real change can occur and true healing begins.

+/- Consultation cost: 45 min session (back body massage only) for R400
Contact details: Tel no: 072 800 4982 | E-mail: | FB: Wendy Young Wise Living

Yvonne Anouk - Theta Healing

Space no: Room 6

On offer
Theta Healing is an Energy Healing Practice, using your psychic abilities to witness a healing through the Creator of all that is. Muscle energy testing is also used, to find limiting or negative belief programs. Through Theta and muscle testing the negative belief programs are replaced with positive programs on all four levels of existence. Programs can be cleared by exploring the beliefs of your parents and ancestors. You will find that once they are gone you will be able to be more successful in life. For every lifetime there is a cord attached to our soul. This is connected to all the planes of existence. I believe that we are part of all the planes at once. And our energy is incredible. As part of the Creator, we are perfect in our own way.

+/- Consultation cost: R400 (per 50 minutes session)
Contact details: Tel no: 082 411 4780 | E-mail: | FB: Yvonne Westfehling Putziger

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