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Exhibitor's Profiles

Aum For Africa - Doreh Taghavi

Space no: C1

On offer
"Aum For Africa is a non-profit neurological healing initiative centered around mala mantra meditation. We seek to educate and empower worldwide, while using 100 percent of our generated funds to provide this education to rural African youth. We assist in nurturing full potential and capacity by providing tools which allow all beings to replace negative self-perceptions with positive enlightening affirmations. Repeating and incorporating positive affirmations thru mala meditation is a powerful practice, addressing the sources of negativity, pain, fear and old patterns. Mala mantra meditation provides participants with a vehicle for healing and introspection that they can practice alone or in a group. From urban to rural, the concept is the same. AFA holds workshops and camps with underprivileged rural and urban youth, where they have the opportunity to foster phrases of self-worth and positive affirmations, in addition to making their own mala beads that can be used for meditation practices. Aum For Africa has an upcoming youth camp in November 2013. All current mala and t-shirt purchases go to support the upcoming youth camp".

Contact: Tel no: 076 457 2916 | E-mail: | FB: Aum For Africa

Belinda van Rensburg - Hypnotherapy

Space no: A3 & A4

On offer
"We will assist you in learning how to achieve this state by guiding you into it. Once this has been achieved, you will then receive what are called hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions will enable you to use the power of hypnosis to gain more control over your behaviors, emotions and physical well-being by bypassing the conscious mind and working directly with the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can assist with the quitting smoking, weight loss, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, motivation, boosting self-esteem, achieving your potential, overcoming shyness, controlling your anger, releasing anger, controlling your fears and phobias, rape trauma, abuse trauma, stopping nail biting, stress control/relief, insomnia and more.

Contact: Tel no: 076 765 2134 | E-mail:

Brendon Hutchinson - Sedrick-Inspiritu NLP

Space no: G8

On offer
A transformational program to reclaim your personal inner power, through the learning and development of practical tools and skills. To empower you in the realisation of excellence in all aspects of your life. There will be knowledgeable experts on hand to answer all related questions.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of how language affects thoughts, attitudes and behaviours.

Contact: Tel no: 083 364 2407 | E-mail: | Web:

Café Zing - Ansel Biesenbach

Space no: V1

On offer
We believe that eating healthy and nutritious food can be delicious and decadent, which is why we source the best ingredients and prepare our food fresh to help you live an amaZING! life. We are a small group of people with a big dream to change the world one meal at a time - a dream driven by passion for the best of what life has to offer, from the lettuce in our salad to the Zing! in our step. We have a very strong ethos to only buy what is best for our guests and the planet.

Contact: Tel no: 011 581 0232 | E-mail: | FB:

Carla Collins - Fox In A Tree

Space no: B8

On offer
Carla's paintings are a marriage of her love affair with Yoga, its human philosophy and being South African. She likes to play with inter-religious, intercultural symbolism, creating a renewed identity - one that speaks of being part of a global village and an interconnected world. On her canvases she takes familiar subject matter and transforms that. Her use of colour is both vibrant and bold, and she does her painting in oils.

Contact: Tel no: 074 141 5456 | E-mail: | FB: Carla Collins

CuFissics Antimicrobial Copper

Space no: G6

On offer
Copper is a natural antimicrobial - a magic metal that has been used since ancient times to protect people from bacterial, viral and fungal contamination. CuFissics is a range of antimicrobial touch surface products manufactured in pure copper, specifically designed to fight germs. The wisdom of the ages has been put to the test. Long forgotten knowledge of the properties of copper has now been stringently tested through international laboratories and the results prove its worth. CuFissics is a growing range of household additions where bacteria and fungi lurk, from light switches and plugs to the most amazing bathroom mat to aid in the prevention of athlete's foot. Visit our space to find out more.

Contact: Tel no: 083 602 6370 | E-mail:

David Evans - Author of "Dare to be Great"

Space no: G14

On offer
David Evans has just completed his first book entitled "Dare to be Great". He writes about his life and shares the stories and memories of his experiences all over the world with the many people he has met along his path. "Dare to be Great" has been written as a type of life skills manual that everyone will be able to relate to in one way or another, it's a book about life's everyday situations and how one should go about handling them.

Contact: Tel no: 078 486 3566

Dee Brown - The Red Tent

Space no: E14

On offer
Fun, soul nourishing get-togethers where women connect with their inner self in the sacred space of the Red Tent, an ancient tradition revived for our modern lives. We inspire each other to become powerful & abundant Divine new women in a Divine new world.

Contact: Tel no: 083 660 5135 | E-mail: | FB: Red Tent Johannesburg

Durga Tantra School - Ma Anand Leandra & Jean Anand

Space no: -

On offer
Ma Anand Leandra
is a leading teacher of authentic Tantra in South Africa. Leandra trained in Germany where she lived for 28 years. Returning to South Africa, she brought the art of tantric massage with her. With the purpose of keeping the pure flavor of this deeply intimate work alive, she founded Tantra Sacred Massage™. She is also founder/director of the Durga Tantra School offering a variety of workshops & retreats. Jean Ananda is a tantric teacher, sexual healer and intimacy and relationship coach. He is highly passionate about bringing awareness into the many facets of our lives in particular sexuality and relationships.

Contact: Tel no: 0845865361 | E-mail: | Web:
Contact: Tel no: 072 353 2312 | E-mail: | Web:

Eco-Solutions SA - Jonathan Haw

Space no: B18

On offer
Learn more about owls and their healing abilities through working with them. They are truly ‘soul’ birds. This is an opportunity to come face to face with these magnificent creatures. Eco-Solutions SA is an environmental company that specialises in finding innovative and cost effective solutions to environmental issues in urban areas. They provide a range of environmental services including, biodiversity surveys, greening reports and pigeon control consultations. In addition to this, they manage the Urban Owl Box Project, now the largest project of its kind in the world. Along with the Urban Owl Box Project they conduct a number of environmental education programs for schools and eco-estates.

Contact: Tel no: 072 365 9777 | E-mail: | FB: Eco Solutions SA

Estoril Books - Fourways Mall

Space no: Estoril Library at Kloofzicht Lodge

On offer
Need to catch up on some esoteric reading? Join us at the Estoril Library where an array of interesting esoteric books will be available for your perusal. Estoril is a wonderfully diverse bookstore, which specialises in esoteric books. They are based in Fourways Mall. One can find a wide range of books, sci-fi, extended fantasy selection, science, fiction and non-fiction books, stationary, gifts, maps, cards, wrapping paper and magazines.

Contact: Tel no: 011 465 6885 | E-mail:

Faces of Hope Foundation - Kerrin

Space no: C3

On offer
Faces of Hope is about inspiring and making a difference to the lives of cancer patients in South Africa.
The purpose for setting up the Faces of Hope Foundation is for financial assistance and support for individuals suffering with life threatening illnesses; specifically cancer. Treatment and medication required to alleviate symptoms of the illness are costly and place great strain on the patient and family. We as a foundation, would like to help relieve some of the financial and emotional burdens and in so doing, keep patients alive.

Contact: Tel no: 082 823 6861 | E-mail: or | FB: Faces of Hope Foundation

Fine and Raw Chocolate

Space no: Vegetarian Food Space

On offer
Fine & Raw is raw chocolate. Raw chocolate is a reverence for creaminess and ecology. Hand crafted, using conscious ingredients with artisan low heat techniques to keep raw vitality. Cunningly absent of sugar, dairy, additives and other ick. Creativity, innovative play, laughter and movement are elements tasted in the mixtures. Made raw. It feels good.

Contact: Tel no: 082 928 0944 | E-mail: | Web:

Gourmet Vegan Foods - Niren Pillay

Space no: V4

On offer
Gourmet Vegan Foods are producers of high quality vegan nutritional meals, milk and meat alternatives. Now In stock: Milk alternatives, vegan ice cream, 100% pure almond milk, hemp seed milk & coconut milk. They have a range of vegan meals such as different types of curries, prepared with lentils, beans and seitan (meat substitute which is soya free, and gluten based). All their protein packed meals will be served with rice or as bunny chows… AWESOME!

They’ll have vegan sweets such as marshmallows and cold drinks available as well.All meals and products are prepared in a strict vegan environment.

Contact: Tel no: 084 032 5669 | E-mail:

Hare Krishna Pure Vegetarian - Rohini Mahadeo

Space no: V5

On offer
Rohini and friends are dedicated Hare Krishna's whose food is cooked with love and devotion.
They will be joining us at Soulspace with a range of tasty treats. Their main meals include paneer burgers, roti rolls and biryani. Some of their savory snacks include samoosa's, katchori's and dokra. Their sweets include chickpea fudge, gulab jamun and semolina cakes.

Contact: Tel no: 083 381 1159 | E-mail:

Houghton TM Centre

Space no: G9

On offer
Transcendental Meditation is the purest, simplest, and most effective form of meditation the world has known. TM allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to the most silent, peaceful level of consciousness - your innermost Self. This deeply restful experience of transcending, rejuvenates mind and body, leading to a wide range of benefits in daily life. It allows stress and tiredness to be dissolved in a natural way, resulting in greater energy, clarity and enjoyment of life. Your benefits of regular practice include better health, less anxiety, greater harmony and spirituality, lower blood pressure, improved efficiency and productivity, reduced pain and improved brain function.

Contact: Tel no: 011 483 0684 | E-mail: | Web:

Klassie Wessels - Street School

Space no: -

On offer
Klassie helps individuals find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life. He also runs a business, called Street School, which facilitates adventure coaching through means of taking groups of people on retreats to Nepal and India. His methods of teaching and counseling are through the way of Logotherapy. Logo- therapy is therapy through finding meaning. It's basic principles are:

. Life has meaning under all circumstances.
. Our main motivation for living is our will to find meaning in life.
. People have freedom under all circumstances to activate the will to meaning and to find meaning .

Contact: Tel no: 082 554 4614 | E-mail: | Web:

The Lemon Aid Juice Bar - Willie Visagie & Vicky Tyler

Space no: V2

On offer
“Shockingly, many of us are not as well nourished as we think we are. During the last few years of being vegetarian, I’ve come to realise that good nutrition involves lots of raw fruits and vegetables. This knowledge has allowed me to experiment with lots of juices, as they are the easiest and quickest way to get your body the nourishment that it really requires. Come and join us at The Lemon Aid Stand for some of our favorite purely healthy and totally tasty selection of juices, which will not only quench your thirst but leave you refreshed and revitalised. Rejuvenation of body and mind comes from what you consume, and we believe that juices are such an aid especially when ingredients are natural & straight from the earth”.

Contact: Tel no: 0832679557 | E-mail: | FB: Willie Visagie

Living Water - Shane Smith

Space no: B12

On offer
Happy Water is Living Water: ultra-purified, re-revitalised and then re-mineralised with pristine Kalahari Crystal Salt. The result: water that's minerally-balanced, energised & alkaline. It's a return to the life-giving essence that flowed through ancient rivers and glaciers long before Man began to wreak havoc on the planet's fragile resources. Living Water is available as a concentrate that can be added to filtered water or as bottled water through selected restaurants and retail outlets. A delectable range of holistic smoothies will also be available.

Contact: Tel no: 083 266 0319 | E-mail: | Web:

Louise Hay Workshops - The Live the Love Centre

Space no: A3 & A4

On offer
"The Live the Love Centre, home to the amazing work and philosophies of Louise Hay has a vision…. It is our sincere intention to bring to our clients and our community as many personal development, emotional support and healing services as possible to facilitate the possibility of total wellness and wholeness.
The Centre offers the following services: Life coaching for individuals, couples and groups with Ashika Singh, Louise Hay 10 week study course, Louise Hay teacher and life coach training courses, Louise Hay workshops for adults, teenagers and children, programs for people diagnosed with cancer, HIV and other diseases, hypnosis, chakra cleansing and balancing and TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises).

Contact: Tel no: 078 538 0922 | E-mail:

Lorien Dreamflower - Crystal Vision

Space no: B14

On offer
Crystal pendants and hangings.
Buddha Statues.
An array of herbal medicines.

Contact: Tel no: 079 693 0380 | E-mail:

Merlin Hans - Vondi's Holistic Pet Nutrition

Space no: A7

On offer
Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered, scientific, complete & balanced diet that is natural, wholesome & free of preservatives. Their stance on correct natural feeding, using REAL meat, RAW veggies, olive oil and FRESHLY picked herbs, has found much popularity, and it is economically priced. Vondi's is actively involved in educating the public on the nutritional rights and demands of our cats and dogs, and they have had major success in curing the many common ailments and sickness that we find nowadays, especially skin disorders and allergies. They are proudly South African, completely transparent and aspire to a code of good business ethics, which includes supporting animal welfare organisations and animal rights campaigns.

Contact: Tel no: 021 439 1784 | E-mail: | Web:

Mandy Mulders - MgM Pilates Studio

Space no: B16

On offer
Pilates is used traditionally for deep conditioning and rehabilitation by dancers. The abdominal and back muscles are often collectively referred to as the body's core. Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the core by developing pelvis stability and abdominal control. In addition, the exercises improve flexibility and joint mobility, and build strength. The mind / body connection associated with yoga and meditation also plays an integral part in Pilates. Mandy is offering an hour of gentle rejuvenating Pilates, or an hour of stretching, or an hour of intense core conditioning. Private consultations can also be arranged.

Contact: Tel no: 079 505 5874 | E-mail: | Web:

Maryna Conte - Contessa La Cucina

Space no: V6

On offer
Vegetarian Italian Mediterranean antipasti, olives and infused olives.
Maryna is the owner of La Cucina. She was a specialist in Europe: cheese, deli and Kosher, fish, fruit and vegetables. She trained and managed a Wimpy franchise restaurant. However, her forte is vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Her background has had her working for Pick n Pay for 20 years and she is a principle chef and a fresh food specialist, winning the best Deli Award in 1998. In 1999 she was sent by Pick n Pay to France for an International food exhibition and a tour across Europe to explore and to create new products for Pick n Pay. La Cucina supplies various restaurants, delis, hotels and Spars across South Africa.

Contact: Tel no: 083 577 0953 | E-mail:

Milena Zagorska - Universal Gemstones

Space no: G4

On offer
An assortment of treasures from mother earth… From rare collectable specimens to crystal balls, pyramids and proudly South African rocks. Wide variety of very unique handmade wired and macramé jewellery, knotted pendants and strung jewellery are all one of a kind. Rustic dream catchers and exquisite colourful mobiles, wooden ruins and ruin pendants and also chakra jewellery are just a few examples of the diverse variety of handmade gemstone products on offer.

Contact: Tel no: 072 153 0270 | E-mail: | FB: Universal Gemstones

Prana Yum

Space no: V3

On offer
Prana Yum is an Ayurvedic kitchen that promotes awareness of Ayurvedic eating and facilitates Panchkarma retreats in Rishikesh India for people who want to restore balance in their lives. On offer is a fully tri-doshic, vegetarian menu of purely Sattvic foods. They also arrange trips to Rishikesh India where fellow seekers are able to experience Panchkarma, discover where yoga came from and learn how to gain peace of mind in age-old meditation techniques.

Contact: Tel no: 079 966 3707 | E-mail:

SAINTS - Viv Elliot

Space no: C2

On offer
SAINTS is a non profit group of Volunteers, assisting animal welfare groups, (focussing on dogs and cats), to raise funds that enable them to carry on. The shop is an outlet for pet food and pet accessories, great books and upmarket, nearly new, 2nd hand items. They rely on the donations from the supporters of their beneficiaries. The funds generated by the shop will be paid over to the participating animal welfare and rescue organisations monthly.

Contact: Tel no: 082 259 0905 | E-mail: | Web:

Serio's & Amazing Grace Retreat - & Training Centre - Magaliesburg

Space no: B9

On offer
Workshops & courses on: conscious living, self-awareness & spiritual development.
Retreat packages offering meditations, walks, discussions, art, healing, drumming & silence.
Team building workshops - Motivational talks & drumming sessions.
Spiritual healing, transformation process, psychic readings & counseling.
Training Centre venue & accommodation available for hosting workshops & seminars.
Golden Goddess Bamboo Labyrinth.
Native American Indian medicine wheel & full moon celebrations.

Contact: Tel no: 076 649 3989 / 076 648 7188 | E-mail: | FB:Amazing Grace Centre of Awareness

Satyam Yoga School - Neti demonstrations

Space no: Opposite the Fire Deck

On offer
Swami Yogasagar is a disciple of Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda. He lived and trained in India between 1978 and 1986 with his guru & has over the years become highly regarded as an authentic teacher of Tantra and Yoga. In 1997 he was instructed by his guru to live in SA & continue to develop his spiritual knowledge. Swami founded the Satyam Yoga School in Rosebank. Swami will be hosting Neti demonstrations to teach us a technique to avoid suffering caused from a chronic blocked nose or sinusitis. Neti is an important part of the yogic system of body cleansing techniques. It cleanses the air passageways in the head. The benefit is a profound positive physiological change in the body & mind if done regularly.

Contact: Tel no: 082 371 7561 | E-mail: | Web:

Spirit Cloth - Lindy Studzinski

Space no: B10

On offer
All creations are Indian inspired and made with love.
Indian crafts: Bags, scarves, shawls, shoes, sandals, jewelry, mobiles, throws, umbrellas and clothing.

Contact: Tel no: 084 744 3305 | E-mail: | Fb: Linda G Sudzinski

Superfoods - Nicola Bentley

"Superfoods for Superhealth"
- This talk will focus on easy ways to add nutrient dense foods to your diet with powerful health giving benefits. Looking at alkalizing, cleansing and energizing superfoods to aid health, healing, fitness and weight loss. There will be demos and tasters.

Speaker's biography
Nicola is the Sales Executive/Business Development for Superfoods / Rawlicious in Gauteng. She is a nutritional therapist with a BSc Physiology / Psychology and a Diploma in clinical nutrition (Australia). She is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher (India) and has always been passionate about holistic approaches to health and nutrition. She is also an avid mountain biker and trail runner.

Contact: Tel no: 082 903 3406 | E-mail: | Web:

The Garden

On offer
Enjoy cups and pots of herbal and organic teas to take away or sit down and savour. Taste Green Mint, Organic White, Kashmiri Kahwa, Safari Delight, Jasmine Flowers, Sencha, Dragon Balls & Organic Nilgiri. Experience bottled Living Water or take part in an authentic Kombucha tea tasting. A large variety of packaged loose leaf, herbal & organic tea to take home.

Browse through an array of:

Hand-painted thangkas, painted by Tibetans in India
Various Tibetan herbal incense, and incense holders
Prayer flags and pendants
Singing bowls & Tingsha bells
Candles & bags

Payment facilities: Cash or pay at the central credit card facility

Contact: Tel no: 076 931 5600 | E-mail: | Web:

Tania Naude - Living It Holistic Healing Centre

Space no: B7

On offer
The Living It team (Awaya & Tania) assists you to heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; reconnecting the control of your emotions and your life; and to empower you to claim your birthright and to begin living the life you were born to live! Their specialties are soulchology, spiritual regression therapy, soul retrieval, Malaika Munay healing, sound healing, energy body healing (cord cutting, entity removal, Aura cleansing & chakra balancing), residential/business space clearing & blessings plus spiritual coaching, courses and workshops. Their product range includes: Quantum Scalar Energy, Orgone Energy (Orgonite), sound healing instruments, tuned wind chimes, illusion spirals, meditation tools, space clearing tools, candles, etc.

Contact: Tel no: 082 391 0630 | E-mail: | FB: Living It Holistic Centre

Tamar Dakes Botha - Beaming Kids

Space no: G9

On offer:
1. Meditation CDs & inspiring story books for kids
2. Positive thinking cards for kids
3. Face painting & hair wraps
4. Children's Yoga & parent child Yoga classes
5. Kids Yoga teacher training courses
6. Inner child Yoga workshops
7. Reiki sessions and intuitive readings by Tamar

Contact details: Tel no: 083 307 7011 | E-mail: | Web:

Tru Essence Products Pty Ltd

Space no: A8

On offer:
Tru Essence products service the natural herbal industry. Tru Essence offers products for different ailments and provides optimum support for one's health, using safe effective and trusted Ayurvedic formulations. All products contain natural herb extracts, which are used in Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine/ System). All ingredients are freeze-dried at the source to ensure natural quality and effectiveness. Only gelatin-free, natural capsules are used thus the products are suitable for Vegetarians.
Discover their products and you will find that managing one's health can be easier, the natural way.
Products are also available from selected health shops & Health Practitioners.

Contact details: Tel no: 011 783 6718 / 081 311 2986 | E-mail: | Web:

Tegan Burger - Holi Yogi Cows

Space no: B14

On offer:
Holi Yogi Cows is a Yoga clothing brand started by three Taurean's with a passion for Yoga and a flair for fashion. Each Holi Yogi Cow brings her unique touch when it comes to design, fit and feel. As each Holi Yogi Cow is a Yoga teacher and practitioner they understand what is required from Yoga clothing both whilst teaching and practicing. Holi Yogi Cows is about feeling limitless in what you wear both on and off the mat.

Contact details: Tel no: 071 885 4717 | E-mail:

The Dreamcatcher

Space no: B1 & B2

On offer:
The Dreamcatcher is an esoteric shop, based in Fourways Mall, which supplies a wide variety of new age, esoteric products to suit the individual. These include a great selection of incenses, candles, books, crystals, wind chimes, dreamcatchers, statues, CD's and DVD's, tarot and oracle cards, jewellery, religious and spiritual items. Perfect for all spiritually related art, antiques, curios and gifts. There is always a spiritual reader available for consultations.

Contact details: Tel no: 011 465 9147 | E-mail: | FB: The Dreamcatcher Shop Fourways Mall

Van Aardt Oils - Lee-Ann Duarte

Space no: E2

On offer:
"Van Aardt is a family name that directly translated means "from the earth". This is the founding principle of our brand which aims to be organic, green and compassionate. Hence our slogan, "From the earth, from the heart". Our launching product is Argan Oil, produced organically from the Argan Tree in the dry landscapes of Morocco. The unroasted seeds are compressed by hand to produce what is called liquid gold which is amazing and is used topically and not to be digested. Some benefits of the oil include strengthening and hydrating of dry and brittle hair, softening and hydrating of cuticles and strengthening nails, adds shine and health to all types of hair. The oil has highly absorbent qualities and goes straight into the skin. It also contains antiseptic qualities which helps with eczema and psoriasis".

Contact details: Tel no: 072 535 0763 | E-mail: | Web:

Xenia Ayiotis - Intuitive Eating Counsellor

Space no: G3

On offer:
"I work with clients one on one or in groups and help them find the answers to why they eat when they are not hungry. I work with people who want to stop constantly thinking about what to eat, how much to eat, about food and their bodies. I help my clients find out who they are as an eater. Why do they behave the way they do around food? I help people who are hungry for a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. I work with my clients to get to a point where they eat and enjoy food without guilt and at the same time achieve natural and pleasurable weight loss by living more and weighing less. I teach my clients practical tools and mindful eating principles and coach them to find their way to "thinner peace" and to stop emotional overeating and self-sabotaging habits in a kind and supportive manner."

Contact details: Tel no: 082 659 0300 | E-mail: | Web:

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